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AQ Ventures Luxury Yacht Charter Limited (AQ Ventures) is a Thailand-based luxury yacht company with operations in Phuket and Koh Chang. With a passion for yachting and a commitment to excellence, we provide a full range of professional service to our clients and partners, including yacht chartering, sales and management, allowing you to unwind and soak up the splendour of the seas. Discover the Ultimate Yachting Experience with AQ Ventures. 

AQ Ventures - The Very Best in Luxury Yachts 

Explore the full range of luxury yacht services that AQ Ventures has to offer. Whether you want to browse luxury yachts for sale, yacht charter opportunities or require yacht management – or all the above – we offer a bespoke and discrete service, backed by over a decade of exceptional client relationships. 

Yacht Charter – Customized Luxury Yacht Charters 

Chartering a yacht in Thailand’s dazzling seascape allows you to spend the day lounging in style aboard your own private yacht. AQ Ventures Yacht Charter offers guests the most personalized yachting escape imaginable, allowing you to enjoy, relax and soak in the sun on your own yacht in a destination of your choosing. With countless first-hand experience, our yacht specialist and crew are dedicated to help tailor the perfect itinerary to create unforgettable lifelong memories, whether that be a family holiday, a romantic getaway, or a corporate gathering. 

Yacht Sales – Luxury Yacht Brokerage Expertise 

With our knowledge in yacht marketing and extensive regional network across South East Asia and beyond, AQ Ventures can be your trusted partner to manage a swift, hassle-free transaction of a luxury yacht. Whether you’re contemplating to acquire or sell a luxurious vessel, matching people with perfect yacht is what we do best.  

Yacht Management – Enjoy Trouble-Free Ownership 

AQ Ventures provides unparalleled yacht management services to support luxury yacht owners and their captains. Rest assured that our experienced and responsible crew will protect the value of your assets and maximise the potential and longevity of your vessel. For yacht owners, this means less time needed for fussy maintenance and more time living your best life and having fun.